Permission for some businesses to reopen in Yangon ‘appropriate’ : UMFCCI

Business insiders and executives have commended the government’s move to allow some business to reopen amid COVID-19. Allowing cut-make-pack (CMP factories, workplaces and small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) to resume is an appropriate move. The factory closures have hurt workers’ incomes and has been bad for the country’s economy. Workers now face difficulties making ends meet due to the lack of wages as a result of the closures and the lack of productivity in the manufacturing sector has also affected the economy.

The health of the public is important but allowing businesses to operate normally is equally so. CMP factories, workshops and SMEs in Yangon that meet the ‘A-level’ practices in COVID-19 containment measures will be allowed to restart work after obtaining approval from the National Level Central Committee for Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19. The committee has also allowed work at some construction sites to resume, as this is difficult to suspend due to the nature of the construction work. The Yangon regional government will examine the level of adherence to the directives of the health ministry and grant approvals for factories, workshops, and workplaces to resume business.

The regional government will resume work from October 12 following the closure of its offices last week after several employees tested positive. While the stay-at-home order is still needed in townships with a higher number of positive cases to ensure effective control of the pandemic, adjustments to healthcare restrictions are also requires to preserve jobs and support businesses. In that light, the government is attempting to facilitate the reopening of CMP factories so that workers can return to work. The health ministry first issued a stay-home order and closure of factories in Yangon on September 22, banning factory workers from going to work until October 8. With the number of COVID-19 cases still on the rise, the order was later extended to October 21.

Source: Myanmar Times

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