MAEX to open two more facilities for dried commodities at Danyingon wholesale market in early 2024

Myanmar Agro Exchange Public Ltd (MAEX) will add two more facilities for dried commodities in early 2024 at the Danyingon wholesale market.
The staple food such as rice, edible oil, salt, chilli, onion and potato will be available at those two facilities (No. 5 and No. 7 buildings), which are slated to be opened in January-February 2024, and they will house over 600 stalls.
The MAEX opened a fruits and vegetables wholesale market with over 1,100 shops on 1 October 2023.
That fresh produce market located in the compound of Danyingon wholesale market has been offering seasonal and other fresh produce.
Additionally, the market is equipped with two cold storage facilities. It might help reduce the wastage of fruits and improve the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by storing them at a cool temperature. It is opened at the No 1 market building to save transport costs and labour wages.
Fresh produce traders are invited to run business in the Danyingon wholesale market. For further details, traders can contact Ph: 09 261289462, 09 775435975, 09 250 493 456 of the market or enquire about Building B 12 of Danyingon wholesale market in Insein Township, Yangon. The Danyingon wholesale market was developed in 2017 by the MAEX and Yangon City Development Committee. New market development started in 2018 and the construction is scheduled to be finished in 2027.
At present, there are 3,360 stalls at the green groceries facility (No.2 building), 1,120 stalls for dried groceries (N0.3) and over 1,400 stalls at the fresh produce and fish and meat facility (No 4). 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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