Our Findings Support Policy Recommendations for Industry Development

Industry Research

Business Environment

  • Business Setup
  • Business Operation
  • Logistic
  • Future Development
  • Recommended industries
  • Policy recommendations

Trade and Investment Promotion

  • Macroecomomic Overview
  • Understanding business
  • Setting up the business
  • Operating the business
  • Future business plan
  • Obstacles and limitations of doing business
  • Potential investment opportunities
  • Recommendation and action plan

Industry Development Planning

  • Industry Background
  • Current Status and Industry Growth
  • Investment and Trade
  • Regulation and Development politics by regional and union level
  • Key Findings
  • Recommendations

Agriculture Development

  • Basic information about Myanmar
  • Agricultural information about crops
  • Agricultural Products Import/Export
  • Farm economic analysis of major crops
  • Agri-input(Agrochemical, Fertilizer, Seed)
  • Farmer Need Assessment
  • Suggestions and recommendations

Industry Development

  • Industry Background
  • Industrial specific Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Development areas
  • Case Study
  • Policy Recommendations

Transport and Logistics

  • Overview of the industries in the region
  • Current Socio-economic situation along the region
  • Road Networks and road condition
  • Traffic volumes and transportation facilities
  • Assessement and Evaluation for Logistic
  • Government policy to support its development
  • Overview of the situation for future develop in transport and logistic sectors
  • Suggestions and recommendations

Survey Panel Building and Maintaining

  • Panel Setup/Building
  • Panel Operation
  • Panel Maintaining
  • Regular reporting