Our Findings Give You Business Decision Making

Min Myanmar Research Services Provide Market Research and Social Research in Myanmar

Our Core Principles

Our market research will;

  1. improve your marketing plan and business decision making
  2. provide an in-depth discussion of how research reduces business risk
  3. apply appropriate research design and data collection method
  4. cover target market and understand consumers
  5. produce best data analysis and findings for market potential and market forecast
  6. our industry and social research findings will explore the best policy recommendations


Min Myanmar Research (MMR) is formed with professional market researchers and experts  in Myanmar. Both local clients, international clients and government sector acknowledge our team as market research experts in Myanmar who have made substantial contribution and valuable service in the past research projects. MMR organizes a strong research team who have experts in field data collection, data analysis and research analysis. Our top management has been working with international clients and standards for over fifteen years. Min Myanmar Research (MMR) organizes a strong research team who have expertise in field data collection, data analysis and research analysis.

Looking Market research services in Myanmar?

Min Myanmar Research (MMR) provides services in Business Research, Consumer Research, Industry Research and Social Research in Myanmar. We have experiences in joint-projects of ASEAN countries.

Min Myanmar Research (MMR) has proven to exhibit experience and networking in private and public sectors which we consider a core aspect of our approach to project management. This collective experience, knowledge and logistics that is crucial for project success is passed on to an experienced research team.

Why choose us?

We have exceptionally strong track record and vast range of experiences of undertaking assignments both nationally and internationally in Myanmar. Our client base is mostly concentrated in  Asia, USA, and a few others in Europe and Myanmar. 

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As a member of Market Research Association (Yangon) , we follow ICC/ESOMAR Codes of Conduct on  Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics.

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Our lead researchers has over 15 years market research experiences and strong local country context in business, industry and social research.



We have over 20 core staff, 40+ project based field enumerators and consultants. MMR has various research partners in country and abroad.

We provide the following research services in Myanmar

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