Business Article

Growing demand on computers and accessories

August 15, 2022

Since 2021, Myanmar’s computer and laptop market attained the peak level and is still like to continue growing in the next few years. Before COVID period, people were not concerned much about having an own laptop or computer since it wasn’t an essential need for daily activity. However, during COVID period, the work from home habit started to adapt and everyone needed his own laptop or computer to carry on working through online. Besides, both teachers and students require those laptops or computers to have online classes.

Moreover, different kinds of online trainings, conferences and seminars are still holding which lead the demand of computers or laptops to increase more and more. At the current moment, even COVID isn’t too severe like in the previous months, people still don’t dare to hold meeting, or seminar or conference with a lot of people stuck in a single room. The government is also holding online training, meeting and conferences, so every government officer needs a laptop or computer. Besides, some companies find it effective in using online platform such as Microsoft tenant which is the set of services that they can assign to their organization.

According to the Trade Reports of Ministry of Commerce, import of computers and accessories were increasing overtime with 30-40% growth. Computers and accessories are being imported via overseas trade. Value of hand carry by air was not counted in the trade values. Past three year trends are seen as below:

  • 2017-18 FY: US$ 80 mil
  • 2018-19 FY: US$ 127 mil
  • 2019-20 FY: US$ 147 mil

Due to market demand, popular brands in Myanmar markets are Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Acer and Apple, etc. Laptops with US$ 500-1,000 takes more market share followed by the value of US$ 1,500 – 2,000. Almost everything is becoming more and more expensive along with the increasing dollar prices in Myanmar. During August 2022, the dollar exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Myanmar is MMK 2,100 while the market price is from MMK 2,700 to MMK 3,000. People have to spend at least double to buy those computers, or laptops, or even its accessories nowadays. But people still have to buy one since laptop or computer is one of their basic needs at the current moment. We can see computer showrooms and sale centers occupied with customers even though the price of the products is rocket high.

Currently, China constituted the largest suppliers of desktop/laptop computers to Myanmar. Chinese assembled devices are also popular among Myanmar’s buyers because of its affordable price and being functionable for general users. In the next year, it is known that 25% of the production will be shared to Vietnam where investment environment and labours are attractive.

People in Myanmar have to struggle everyday with the increasing cost of living despite the low income. The needs are changing everyday and people have to follow the trend and fulfill the needs in order to keep up with the market and continue working. In the past times, it’s not a problem not having a computer or a laptop at a household, or just having one computer or laptop, but now it becomes essential needs for income earners and children in the household; to work, to learn, to be in the particular filed, and etc. As the computer consumption is growing, government should encourage FDIs to invest computer assembling and parts manufacturing in Myanmar so that the country enjoys technology transfer and consumers can access more products with affordable prices.