38 petrol stations to be affiliated with EV charging stations within 3 months

Deputy Minister for Construction U Win Pe recently said plans to construct EV charging stations within the next three months at 38 designated petrol stations in Yangon, Yangon-Mandalay Expressway and Nay Pyi Taw.

The National-Level Leading Committee on the Development of Electric Vehicles and Related Businesses have approved the installation of EV charging stations as part of the first phase of the project. Twenty-four fuel outlets in Yangon, seven on the Yangon-Mandalay Expressway and seven in Nay Pyi Taw totalling 38 will be affiliated with EV charging stations.

A total of 51 chargers are set to be installed across 38 petrol stations as part of the EV charging infrastructure project. At present, authorities are requesting charging station plans from petrol retailers to facilitate the installation process.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


New Yangon-Dala River Bridge construction expected to complete 100% in early 2024

The 100 per cent of the new Myanmar-Korea Friendship Yangon-Dala River bridge is expected to be completed by early 2024, according to the Ministry of Construction. For the main bridge PY2 on the Yangon side, the shaft piling work, which is the mid-water pillar work, has been completed from the bottom of the pillar to a height of eight metres. The construction work for the approach bridge along Phonegyi Road has also been completed. 48 per cent of the entire bridge has now been constructed due to the pouring of seven reinforced concrete floors according to the bridge construction site.

As the construction of the bridge nears completion, residents of Lanmadaw Township said that the scenery of the bridge project area — along Phonegyi Road in Lanmadaw Township and the port near the shore — has also changed. U Ye Aung, a resident of Phonegyi Road, told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM) that the erection of bored piles for the main approach two-lane bridge along Phonegyi Road was seen in the last months of 2020. Around two years later, in early 2023, it has been seen that rows of beams have been placed between the main pillars and that reinforced concrete slabs have been laid.

Similarly, it is only necessary to lay the RC slabs for the two pedestrian overpasses under construction at the night market on Strand Road between Latha and Lanmadaw Township. The construction of the Dala Suspension Bridge over the Yangon River started in May 2019 and will be completed in early 2024. Therefore, in the next year or so, we will see a change in the scene of traffic using not only the surface road but also the approach bridges in front of Strand Road and Phonegyi Road. Along with the changes in the scenes, transport will become convenient and the development of the region will be improved. Especially, a new scene with various vehicles passing by on the concrete road where cargo vehicles travel, and above the bridge road, will become a new image of Yangon, the commerical city, Daw Win Ma, a resident of Lanmadaw Township, told the GNLM. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


New Sittway Port for Myanmar-India transport project to open soon

The new Sittway Port, a transit transport project of Myanmar and India, will be opened soon, according to the Rakhine State Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The new port is a multi-modal transit transport facility on the Kaladan River connecting Myanmar and India. Currently, the port is ready for the entry and exit of international ships and plans are underway to admit the local vessels.

A total of 2,500 tonnes of quality rice from Rakhine State can be exported via the Sittway Port in early January this year and the Rakhine merchants expect that the port would be operational during this month. The Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project includes Sittway Port expansion, dredging for Kaladan River expansion and road construction to link Paletwa of Chin State with Mizoram state of India.

The Indian products will be transported to Paletwa via Sittway passing the Kaladan River by sea and Myanmar products will be exported by truck from Paletwa to Mizoram. The merchants, entrepreneurs and officials of the two countries also discuss establishing a shipping line to run weekly or monthly boat services after the port is inaugurated. The Indian and Myanmar governments signed the Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project in 2008 and the operation of the project was started in September. The Indian government invested $484 million in the project.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


Ayeyawady Bridge (Thayet-Aunglan) Project completes 52%

The Ayeyawady Bridge (Thayet-Aunglan) project in Magway Region is now 52 per cent complete, according to the Bridge Task Force (3) of the Bridge Department. “We completed the foundation for the main bridge. From RP 1 to RP 13, only RP2 is left. We will start the RP2 operation when the water level of the Ayeyawady river falls and all the RP of the main bridge will be 100 per cent completed this 2022-2023FY.

For the deck operation of the approach bridge, we complete nine 30-metre-wide spans out of ten on the bank of Thayet and seven spans out of eight on the bank of Aunglan. The bridge handrail and deck paving operations will be completed in 2022-2023FY,” said U Htay Aung, Director of the Bridge Task Force (3). The feasibility study for bridge construction was conducted in 2015 and Bridge Task Force (3) of the Bridge Department of the Ministry of Construction started the construction on 17 December 2018.

They launched pre-engineering processes in the 2018 mini-budget, approach bridge foundation and body construction in the 2018-2019FY, approach bridge foundation, body and upperstructure construction in 2019-2020FY, pier foundation and bridge body construction of the main bridge in the 2020-2021FY and mini-budget of the 2021-2022FY.

“The iron frame tender for the main bridge has been invited at the Bridge Department of the Ministry of Construction in Nay Pyi Taw. Depending on the number of iron frames, we will keep carrying out the conveyance and installation of iron frames. The project will be accomplished depending on the fund. We estimated to complete the entire project in 2025-2026FY,” said the director of the Bridge Task Force (3). 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


Govt to grant loans for setting up sunflower oil mills

The government arranges to grant loans for the establishment of sunflower oil mills while the country is promoting sunflower cutivation rate, said Union Minister for Commerce Dr Pwint San during a meeting with members of Edible Oil Import and Distribution Supervisory Committee, Myanmar Edible Oil Millers’ Association and oil importers in Yangon on 9 July.

The Union Minister said it should promote the local production rate to reduce the palm oil import volumes. It is important to produce quality palm oil for the consumers. The country now produces crude palm oil and still needs to produce high quality palm oil. The importers should follow the set rules and regulations, he added.

The government also urged the business people to use Consumer Pack instead of oil barrels in coming fiscal year. He also stressed the advantages of using Consumer Packs such as there will be accountability of companies concerned by describing the trademark in full and protection of the rights and interests of consumers.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


Kyaukpyu Combined Cycle Power Plant Project to be completed in 2023

The Kyaukpyu combined cycle power plant project with a capacity of 135 mW will be completed in May
2023, according to the Kyaukpyu District Electric Power Generation Enterprise. The project was started near the Gangawdaw Pagoda in Kyaukpyu Township in 2020 and is 81 per cent completed to date.

The power plant will be installed with the German-made SGT-800 Gas Turbine in Myanmar, the first of its kind in Myanmar. When the power plant operates, it will generate 135 megawatts of electricity at a rate of 8.59 cents per unit. During the 25 years of operation of the plant, engineers from the Electric Power Generation Enterprise (EPGE) will be assigned to the plant and handed over the operational maintenance technology.

The Ministry of Electric Power and for Energy conducts maintenance works on No (4) Fertilizer Factory (Myaungtaga) and No (5) Fertilizer Factory (Kangyidaunt) every April to meet the power needs of people. Currently, the Kyaukpyu 45 megawatts gas-fuelled power plant of V Power Group Holdings Limited and Kyaukpyu 150 mW gas-fired power plant of CNTIC V Power KY-3 Limited is generating power in Kyaukpyu township. The 135 mW Kyaukpyu combined cycle power plant project of the Kyaukpyu Electric Power Company Limited is being implemented to generate more electricity in coming years.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


Feasibility Stuty (F / S) is being planned to expand the Mandalay suburban ring road and the suburban subway line

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, a Feasibility Stuty-F / S Working Committee has been set up to expand the Mandalay suburban ring road and subway system.
Feasibility Study (F / S) Working Committee for Expansion of Metropolitan Railway and Metropolitan Subway. The working committee will study the map development based on the urban development of Mandalay and the information and reports received from the relevant departments in the city, and will develop underground and suburban railways and related railway facilities in accordance with the future urbanization.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the relevant departments will coordinate and coordinate under the supervision of Mandalay Region Government and Mandalay City Development Committee. In addition, the main purpose is to facilitate public transportation in the city. Coordinating meetings to coordinate possible route plans for subway operational conditions; Coordinating the relevant departments in conducting field survey studies to continue the feasibility study (F / S) within three months from the date set. The working committee will also report to the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Mandalay Region government on the status of operations.

The Feasibility Study (F / S) Working Committee for the Expansion of the Mandalay Suburban Railway and the Metropolitan Subway will be chaired by the General Manager (Urban) of Myanmar Railways. Region Director, Department of Land Management and Statistics, Region; Regional Director, Department of Transport Planning; Regional Director, Road Transport Directorate; Chief Executive Officer, Mandalay Electric Power Corporation, Head of Mandalay City Development Committee, Urban Planning and Land Management Division, Head of Building and Factory Division Head of Department, Roads and Bridges.

The Commanding Officer (Second Class) from the Headquarters of the Special Construction Operations Command will act as a member. The Secretary-General of the Working Committee will be the Assistant General Manager (Urban) of Myanmar Railways and the Joint Secretary will be the Assistant General Manager (Urban) of Myanmar Railways. The Ministry of Transport and Communications has issued a Notification No. (5/2022) to form a Feasibility Stuty-F / S Working Committee to expand the Mandalay suburban ring road and subway system.

Source: Daily Eleven


787-ft long Kyungon bridge commissioned into service in Wakema, Ayeyawady Region

As a gesture of hailing the 77th Anniversary of Armed Forces Day, the opening ceremony of the 787 feet long Kyungon bridge built on the Bogale-Mawlamyinekyun-Kyonmange-Wakema-Myaungmya Road yesterday morning under the COVID-19 rules and regulations. While addressing the ceremony, State Administration Council member Daw Aye Nu Sein said the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has coexisted with 135 ethnic groups since ancient times. Priority is given to the infrastructural development which includes improving transportation and access to electricity.

She added the essence of the 2008 Constitution, which is the inclusion of all ethnic nationalities in the legislature, judiciary and administrative sectors, and the goal of the State Administration Council is to build a Union based on democracy and federalism by practising true and disciplined multi-party democracy with full justice. She also said that during the governance of the State Administration Council, the Central Committee, Working Committee and National Solidarity and Peace-making Negotiate Committee were formed in order to restore perpetual peace.

The government is also implementing road/bridge development both in urban and rural areas and remote regions as well.mAfterwards, SAC members Daw Aye Nu Sein and U Moung Har, Union Minister for Construction U Shwe Lay, the Ayeyawady Region Chief Minister, and the command commander cut the ribbons to open the bridge. The Kyungon Bridge is built right next to the old cable-stayed bridge and is a 24-foot-wide two-lane reinforced concrete bridge, with the foundation constructed with Bored Pile and the superstructure made of steel mesh.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


More than 4,800 bridges built for development of border regions till January 2022

The Ministry of Border Affairs stated that more than 4,800 small and large bridges have been built for development of border regions up to the end of January 2022. The ministry is implementing the master plans for development of the border regions. In so doing, the first three-year short-term plan was implemented from 1993-94 financial year to 1995-96 financial year, the first five-year medium-term plan from 1996-97 to 2000-21 financial year, and the second five-year short-term plan from 2001-02 to 2005-06 financial year, totalling 13 years.

Furthermore, the ministry drew a 30-year master plan from 2001-02 to 2030-31 financial year. It was divided into six portions. Starting from the 2011-12 financial year, the master plan was shifted into the 20-year master plan for development of border areas. Such a master plan lasts from 2011-12 financial year to 2030-31 fiscal year. Up to January 31 2022 of the 2021-22 financial year, a total of 4,896 small and large ridges have been built across the nation, including 358 bridges of more than 100 feet in length and 4,372 bridges under the 100 feet in length and 166 suspension bridges.

During the period, the ministry built more than 10,303 miles long earthen roads, 7,207 miles long gravel roads, more than 177 miles long laterite roads, over 3,175 miles long asphalt roads, more than 46 miles long repaved roads, more than 91 miles long concrete roads, 543 miles long expanded roads, 5,101 miles long renovated roads, 2,422 conduits and 5,736 culverts.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar


Four companies allowed operating Ygn MFN system under BOT system

Four companies have been allowed to operate under the BOT system for the construction of a smart pole/monopole important for the implementation of a Metropolitan Fibre Network system in the Yangon region. The contract signing ceremony for the construction of the telecommunication tower was launched in the Mingala hall of Yangon region government office on 12 January.

The meeting was attended by Yangon Region Chief Minister U Hla Soe, regional ministers and officials. At the meeting, the chief minister delivered a speech that there should be complying with the terms and conditions of the contract, to launch discipline in the construction of the telecommunication infrastructure in the region and to assist by working together to eradicate illegal activities.

Then, region government secretary U Soe Soe Zaw on behalf of the government signed the agreement with officials from four tender winner companies. Regarding the construction of the telecommunication infrastructure in the Yangon region, the tender has been invited since 2019 to implement under the BOT system to construct the communication towers and to prevent illegal installation. In 2021, it is reported that the contracts have been signed with the four companies that won the tender. Nevertheless, the names of the four tender winning companies have not been released, it is learnt. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar