MoC UM inspects Myanmar-Korea Friendship Bridge construction

Friendship Bridge (Dala), which will connect downtown Yangon with Dala Township, yesterday.

Firstly, Consultant Engineer Mr Bae explained the project with a PowerPoint presentation to the Union minister and officials at the Yangon end of the bridge.

U Kyaw Kaung Cho, deputy director-general of the Department of Bridges and leader of the project, discussed safety requirements, traffic management strategies, the construction of a 0.5-metre-wide drinking water pipeline, and negotiation plans with the Yangon City Development Committee for a toll plaza on the Dala side.

The Union minister provided the necessary support and observed the completion of the approaching bridge on the Yangon side, ramp bridge, and pier columns.

Additionally, the Union minister visited the Dala bank via boat to inspect the designated area for the toll plaza, approaching bridges, and ongoing projects. Emphasizing the significance of signage and signal lights, he underscored their role in ensuring the safety of boats during the construction phase.

The Friendship Bridge is under construction as per international standards and norms. Given its height of 49 metres clearance to accommodate 15,000-tonne ocean vessels, ramp bridges and approaching bridges are being built to ensure a smooth gradient and safe passage.

Being the tallest bridge in Myanmar, it imposes a maximum speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour on the main and approaching bridges and 30 kph on the ramp bridges for safety.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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