Relief cash fund of Social Security Board given to insured workers, employees

The Social Security Board is providing its COVID-19 fund to the insured employees from the private owned factories, workplaces and businesses. As the 1st Wave of COVID-19 fund , the number of (825,106) insured workers and employees are given K20,763.866 million as the benefit from social security fund from 13-5-2020 to 19-1-2021. For the 2nd Wave, the number of (704,652) insured workers and employees are given K44,574.801 million from 2-10-2020 to 19-1-2021.

Moreover, for (796) insured persons in quarantine centre have received K67.586 million from 28-3-2020 to 19-1-2021. Besides, (3,620) insured pregnant employees have received K555.515 million from 22-4-2020 to 19-1-2021. In total, the Social Security Board has given a total of (1,534,174) insured workers and employees to K65,961.768 million.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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