Republic of the Union of Myanmar State Administration Council Nine Objectives

  1. Political Objectives
    (a) Building of a Federal Democratic Union by fully and lawfully exercising a
    genuine disciplined multiparty democratic system;
    (b) Special consideration of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) to
    implement eternal peace in the whole country;
    (c) Practising the active, independent and non-aligned foreign policy and upholding the mutual co-existence principle.
  2. Economic Objectives
    (a) Development of agricultural and livestock production as the base employing
    modernized methods and all-round development of other sectors of the economy
    as well;
    (b) To shape a stable market-oriented economic system by inviting foreign direct
    investments (FDIs) and developing the economy of the entire national peoples;
    (c) Creation of employment opportunities by encouraging domestic economic
    enterprises to produce State products.
  3. Social Objectives
    (a) Uplift of dynamism of Union spirit as genuine patriotic spirit;
    (b) Preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage and national characters
    by respecting the traditions and customs of all ethnic national peoples;
    (c) Uplift of health, fitness and education standards of the entire nation.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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