The COVID-19 vaccine will be given up to 50 percent of the population by 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine will be given to up to 50 percent of the population by 2021, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports. Currently, one million vaccines will arrive in Myanmar this month, with more coming in the coming months, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports. At present, the Covishield vaccine purchased from Myanmar cannot be exported from India on time. Vaccines are being made available in Russia, and the public will be required to wear a nasal mask after the vaccination. Hand washing; According to the Ministry of Health and Sports, preventive measures such as separation from each other will continue.

Efforts are also being made to make the current immunizations available as soon as possible. Private health care providers and staff; Volunteers will be given priority. 300,000 people have been donated the COVID-19 vaccine Sinopharm in China, which has a population of 150,000. The vaccine is currently being administered in different regions and states. Quotas are distributed depending on the outbreak, and the priority list includes education staff from basic to higher education, with limited access to hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 vaccines. About 1.75 million people have received the full COVID-19 vaccine in Myanmar, the Union Minister for Health and Sports said at a COVID-19 coordination meeting on July 7.

Vaccination services are also being given to target groups depending on the availability of drugs, and about 1.75 million people have received the full vaccine. The Union Minister also said that private health care organizations have been allowed to import and sell their vaccines with the permission of the Food and Drug Administration. The Ministry distributed 12 million oral masks in June 2021 and plans to distribute another five million in June 2021 to raise awareness of preventive measures among the people. These oral and nasal masks (Surgical Masks) were distributed in townships, Neighborhood Crowded markets in villages; The Union Minister said that free distribution was being carried out at places such as bus stops.

Source: Daily Eleven

epa08986062 A man walks past a Telenor showroom in downtown Yangon, Myanmar, 04 February 2021. Telenor company announced that all mobile operators, international gateways and internet service providers in Myanmar received a directive on 03 February 2021 to block social media service Facebook. Myanmar?s military seized power and declared a state of emergency for one year after arresting State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar President Win Myint, along with other political figures, in an early morning raid on 01 February.  EPA-EFE/LYNN BO BO

Telenor sold its Myanmar operations to Lebanese-based M1 Group for $ 105 million

Norwegian telecom giant Telenor has announced the sale of its operations in Myanmar to Lebanese investment company M1 Group for $ 105 million, the company announced on July 8. The current situation and the deteriorating situation in Myanmar are the main reason why the company decided to leave, Telenor said in a statement.

In May this year, Telenor announced a loss of $ 752 million (KR 6.5 billion) after severe restrictions on mobile services in Myanmar since February 1. The deal could be worth about $ 600 million indirectly, and M1 Group will take over all of Telenor’s stake in Myanmar and resume its current operations. The situation in Burma has become more difficult for Telenor in recent months due to public safety and regulatory reasons, said Telenor chief executive.

Telenor is also one of the largest foreign investors in Myanmar. Telenor, a Norwegian state-owned telecommunications company, also operates in Scandinavia, Bangladesh and India. Pakistan Thailand It also operates in Asian countries, including Malaysia and Myanmar, with 187 million users. In Myanmar, which has a population of 54 million, Telenor has about 18 million users, a third of the population.

Source: Daily Eleven