EventNook offers businesses free online booking platform for a year

Although the spread of COVID-19 has slowed recently in Myanmar nobody knows when the pandemic will end, so people have to adjust to the new normal to ensure their businesses can survive. Some businesses have closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19- for example, gyms, beauty salons and clinics. To improve this situation, EventNook of Singapore will offer all businesses in Myanmar free use of its UserRoll booking platform for one year.

UserRoll was launched in July to help customers host virtual events and accept bookings online via the UserRoll Appoiintment and UserRoll Event platforms. The founder and CEO of EventNook said that UserRoll online booking will help services, shops, and businesses in Myanmar safely reopen and adjust to the ‘new normal’ during this unexpected crisis until vaccines and treatment become widely available.

UserRoll Appointment will enable businesses in Myanmar such as beauty salons, clinics, libraries and government offices to reopen and better manage the number of customers through an appointment system and online booking via Facebook and Chat. UserRoll doesn’t require downloading an app. It can be accessed via browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge on any laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

Looking to the future: Beyond 2021, EvenNook hopes that businesses can get back to normal and services such as online booking and crowd control will no longer be required. Digital solutions such as online appointment booking, contact tracing, contactless payment are essential tools in developed countries that have helped services and businesses continue during the pandemic. People may not used to them yet in Myanmar, but in the new normal, everyone has to adapt to these new practices to ensure safety and business continuity.

The new normal: However, since Asia will be the center of growth in the next few decades, EventNook thinks the regional market and urbanisation will grow. Moreover, since COVID-19 has accelerated digitalisation, online registration and booking will become standard procedure in Myanmar sooner rather than later. So, EventNook plans to expand their team and event technology services in Myanmar in the future.

Source: Myanmar Times

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