BPI expands freeze-dried anti-snake venom, novel Covid drug production

The State-owned pharmaceutical fac­tory (Insein) (BPI) is poised to enhance its pro­duction of novel anti-COV­ID medications while con­tinuing the freeze-drying of anti-snake venom in the upcoming year.

BPI has significantly expanded its pharmaceuti­cal production network, en­compassing branches like the pharmaceutical facto­ries in Ywathagyi, Inyaung, PyinOoLwin, and Sagaing. Other components include the Anti-Snake Venom Pro­duction Branch in Hmawby, the Horse Ranches in My­itchay, Yanpel, and Heho, the Tatmadaw Pharmaceuticals Factory (Hmawby), and the Universities of Pharmacy in Yangon and Mandalay. These enclose the Pharma­ceutical Factory (Insein) and the Research Unit.

Furthermore, BPI has inaugurated a modern freeze-dryer machine and unveiled the BPI Pharma­ceutical Museum on 14 Au­gust, intending to bolster anti-snake venom produc­tion using the freeze-drying system in the coming years. The establishment of the BPI Pharmaceutical Muse­um aims to preserve over six decades of pharmaceu­tical production experience, equipment, methods, impor­tant medical literature, and the legacy of pharmaceutical manufacturing by a Myan­mar State-owned enterprise.

The production of an­ti-snake venom has demon­strated a consistent in­crease. With 60,000 units manufactured last year, the figure has surged to 80,000 this year.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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