Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan banknote money

The Central Bank announces trading of Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen will be allowed

The Central Bank of Myanmar announced on October 12 that it will allow the trading of Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen.

In accordance with Directive No. (16/2021) issued on 12 October, Directive No. (6/2011) issued to licensed banks and non-bank organizations engaged in foreign exchange trading; (7/2011). In addition to the five foreign currencies allowed to buy and sell in accordance with (16/2012) and (17/2015), it is also allowed to buy and sell Chinese RMB and Japanese Yen.

In Myanmar, US dollar, Euro dollar, Singapore Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, Thai baht, and the Japanese yen have also been allowed to trade in foreign currency. All Banks with Authorized Dealer License All banks with Money Changer License; It has been distributed to all non-bank companies with the Money Changer License.

Source: Daily Eleven

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