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The global dollar price index is around 90 points and the exchange rate is around 1695 kyats per dollar

The global dollar index hit around 90 points on May 10, and on May 10, the local exchange rate was around 1,695 kyats per dollar, according to foreign currency traders. The global dollar index, the highest in six months, was 94.12 points in October. 94.24 points in November; 89.93 points in December; 91.02 points in January; 91.59 points in February; In March, it was 90.93 points. The lowest and highest monthly foreign exchange rates in the domestic market were 1297-1340 kyats in October 2020; In November 1306-1327 kyats; In December 1326-1405 kyats; In January 2021, it was 1333-1355 kyats. In February, it was 1340-1475 kyats. On May 10, 2021, the exchange rates of other foreign currencies in the local market were 1,780 Euro, 1,175 Singapore dollar, 350 Malaysian Ringgit, 50.5 Thai baht, 219 219 Chinese yuan 219 and Japanese Yen.

Source: Daily Eleven

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