The global dollar price index is around 92 points and the exchange rate is around 1,703 kyats per dollar

The global dollar price index was around 92 points on September 2, and on September 2, the exchange rate in the local market was around 1,703 kyats per dollar, according to foreign currency traders. In the domestic market, the exchange rate has risen sharply since June 2018, breaking the record of 1,438 kyats per dollar on December 16, 2016 to 1,440 kyats on July 30, 2018, to a record high of 1,670 kyats on August 16 and 1,650 kyats on September 20.

Then, on January 1, 2019, it was 1540 kyats. On February 28, it dropped to 1,503 kyat. It was around 1514 kyats on August 26 and rose to 1565 kyats on September 6. It has fallen below 1,400 kyats since March 5, 2020. In July 1367 kyats; In August 1342 kyats; In September 1324 kyats; In October, it dropped to 1297 kyats.The lowest and highest monthly foreign exchange rates in the domestic market were 1320-1445 kyats in March 2020; In April 1395-1440 kyats; in May 1406-1426 kyats.

In June, 1412-1385 kyats; In July 1367-1413 kyats; In August 1342-1392 kyats; 1324-1362 kyats in September; 1297-1340 kyats in October; 1306-1327 kyats in November; 1326-1405 kyats in December; In January 2021, it was 1333-1355 kyats. In February, it was 1340-1475 kyats. On September 2, 2021, the exchange rates of other foreign currencies in the domestic market were 1950 kyats to 1950 kyats. S $ 1,260; Malaysian ringgit 387 kyats Thai baht 53 kyats. Short-term rise in foreign exchange rates; The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) is launching a foreign exchange auction to reduce inflation and increase foreign reserves.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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