Myanmar National Airlines suspends international flights until August 31

MNA cancels flights to Singapore until June 1 | Myanmar Business Today

The Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) announced on July 23 that it will extend the temporary suspension of all its international flights( Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hong Kong) until August 31, in order to cooperate with ongoing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The airline will offer full refunds or free flight changes to its passengers. The announcement also states that all flight all flights will resume on September 1.

Myanmar has reported a total of 343 COVID-19 cases including six deaths and 282 recoveries as at 8pm on July 24. The most recent cases detected over the past several weeks have been from returnees who are undergoing facility quarantines.

The government and Department of Civil Aviation have yet to issue official announcements on an extension of the existing July 31 flight ban. However, the government is also making arrangements to form “fast lanes” through which those who wish to return on urgent business can contact their embassy for special arrangements. These agreements will start with Japan and China and be extended to other countries later.

Source:Myanmar Times

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