93 freighters depart Mandalay Port in May

A total of 93 cargo ships departed from Mandalay Port for destinations including Yangon, Bhamo, and other townships in May of this year, according to the Department of Marine Administration.
DMA reported an increase in the number of goods being sent from Mandalay Port, such as maize, sugar, cement, and other commodities, due to the ease of transportation via the Ayeyawady River during the rainy season.
A total of 0.63 tonne of cement, 58,049.6 tonnes of maize, 450 tonnes of limestone, 9,957.606 tonnes of molasses, 4,688.35 tonnes of sugar, and 670 rice bags have been transported so far.
“Despite the current high-water levels, cargo ship operators are reminded to adhere strictly to their vessels’ designated weight capacity. The Department of Marine Administration emphasizes that exceeding the tonnage limit or neglecting to consider a ship’s size and weight limitations can pose serious safety risks. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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