Maersk Line Myanmar (Sealand Maersk) to launch three new container vessels to meet maritime trade needs

Maersk Line Myanmar (Sealand Maersk) will launch three new container vessels to meet maritime trade needs. Maersk Line Myanmar will launch new vessels, the Maersk Norberg, Maersk Narvik and Maersk Nesna. Of the three ships, the Maersk Norberg will dock at MITT and MIP ports, and the Launching Ceremony was held on June 10, 2021 at MIP Port. The three new ships will have a capacity of 1,750 TEU 2100 metric tons (9.5 meters). It was built specifically for the Myanmar market. With the expansion of these new container vessels, there will be enough space & equipment for exports and shipments will not have to wait for a booking.

According to the Myanmar Ports Authority, 35 container vessels are scheduled to enter the country in June to increase exports during the open season and increase imports to meet domestic demand. Last May, only 24 container vessels were scheduled to arrive, but as of May 31, a total of 37 vessels have been operated, according to the Myanmar Port Authority. International trade; Export Coordinating meetings were held to facilitate the import of goods and the flow of goods, to increase the access of container vessels and to address the need for containers for exports. At the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer; Myanma Port Authority has reported a drop in container arrivals at Yangon Port since the COVID-19 incident. The situation of increasing demand for container for export was discussed.

He also briefed on the current situation of daily port operations at various container ports. The shipping lines are also currently suspending / suspending some vessels. In May this year, a total of 24 container vessels are scheduled to be operated by shipping lines. Depending on the market demand, special flights will be provided. He explained the conditions for providing containers and refrigerators for exporters. The discovery of a new waterway on the Yangon River has allowed international vessels to enter and leave the port of Thilawa, which has been allowed to increase the restriction on the tide. According to a statement from the Myanmar Ports Authority, 152 vessels over 30,000 tonnes entered Rangoon ports and Thilawa ports within five months of the new tide restrictions being extended due to the discovery of a new waterway on the Yangon River.

Source: Daily Eleven

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