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Myanmar’s container trucking industry suspended indefinitely

Myanmar’s container trucking industry has been suspended indefinitely, said the Myanmar Container Trucks Association. Vice chairman (1) of the association said that approximately 2,750 container transportation trucks have ceased operations since February 12 due to the disruption of port and banking services.

They have suspended operations indefinitely on February 12,2020. The trucks will still run and transport cargo deemed as essentials for the country and its people – such as medicine- but they have stopped running for other goods and materials. This is because the banks and ports are closed. People are worried that trucks would be vandalised and damaged by unscrupulous persons.

The truck drivers are also showing support for the people protesting. There is currently no issuance of delivery orders in the country as many of those involved in the logistics industry are currently participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement. Myanmar’s import and export industry have also stalled due to the weakening of the Kyat against the US dollar.

Source: Myanmar Times

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