E-commerce guide published for all online trade and services

An E-commerce guide has been published for all businesses selling goods and services over the Internet, including online shops.

The Ministry of Commerce has issued an E-commerce guide for all businesses selling trade and services through the Internet, including online shops.
The guidelines state that all those who will be engaged in E-commerce business in Myanmar must register in the registration system managed by the Ministry of Commerce and must comply with the law specified by the relevant field.
In addition to this, E-commerce operators must disclose the methods and information to resolve any dispute regarding the address and phone number registered on the website or social network where they are selling goods.
Furthermore, sellers through the website must include a way to make a contract with the buyer and consumer, and sellers from social networks must also make a contract in some way.
Consumer protection has been included as a chapter in the guide, requiring sellers to clearly describe their goods and services.
Sellers are required to provide information on prices and taxes, as well as delivery and refunds, and if delivery takes more than 15 days beyond the agreed-upon date, the buyer may terminate the transaction and receive a full refund following the agreement.
It is forbidden to use the endorsement of people who are not actual users of the product. E-commerce operators must keep payment records for at least three years and provide them free of charge if requested by users. It is also instructed to provide such information if requested by the court or authorities.
There are 99 points in the guidelines for e-commerce businesses, which are rules to be followed based on disputes between buyers and sellers of goods and services.
These rules are issued for all methods of commerce, including payment systems for online businesses, advertising terms, copyright, fraudulent sales and fraudulent purchases, and consumer protection rules.
The E-commerce guidelines can be read on the official website of the Ministry of Commerce named www.commerce.gov.mm, as stated by the ministry. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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