Prudential Myanmar introduces first-of-its kind digital health and fitness module on AI-powered app Pulse

To promote healthy habits among the people of Myanmar, Prudential has launched its first fully digital product PRUTerm Digital. PRUTerm Digital is a one-year term-life insurance product that provides financial protection against unfortunate and unforeseen events such as death, disability, and additional benefits for hospitalization due to accidents. Available exclusively on Prudential’s artificial intelligence(AI)- powered app- Pulse, PRUTerm Digital is an affordable product at 25,000 Ks and provides standard insurance coverage of 2.5 million Ks for one year. In addition, the customers can start enjoying the “Healthy Habits” pilot module on Pulse, which is designed to help them purse and track fitness activities, and receive rewards of free, additional insurance coverage based on their progress.

Pulse is now available in Myanmar and downloadable for free on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Through Pulse, Prudential aims to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone in Myanmar. To provide a seamless and delightful experience to customers, Prudential uses the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to automatically capture key customer information fields from their NRCs, followed by instant underwriting along with instant issuance of the insurance policy. The purchasing experience will be amongst the simplest with just a few clicks and digital payment through the WavePay App. Pulse also helps users to “earn points” easily by doing at least 15 minutes of daily healthy habits such as walking and running. The points automatically lead to an increase in insurance coverage at no additional cost. There are also other exciting and exclusive benefits to be enjoyed if users “share” with friends and family.

“Healthy Habits” of PRUTerm Digital reaffirms Prudential’s commitment to helping Myanmar people and communities lead healthy lives.It aligns with the company’s brand spirit of “We DO Health” and “We DO Fitness”. Prudential is committed to bringing in the latest insurtech and healthtech advancements to Myanmar through its AI powered app Pulse, which has been downloaded more than 8 million times in Asia, helping individuals and families get the most out of their lives. Research has proven that carrying out a healthy activity for just 45 minutes every day can go a long way in transforming the health and well being of individuals across age groups. Technology can also play a significant role in quipping individuals with the tools and features to purse and track health and fitness activities of their choice.

Source: Myanmar Times

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