Yangon bus operator begins prepaid card service

Yangon bus operator begins prepaid card service - Global New Light ...

The Asia Starmar Transport Intelligent Co.,Ltd. has launched the prepaid card service for its 597 buses in Yangon. The Yangon Bus Service plays a crucial role in the bus transport network system for public. The prepaid card service could solve the problem in the changes of paper money in bus fares.

The YPS cards are available at the 102 outlets of G&G convenience stores in Yangon, and the company is providing the customer service at the three centres in downtown Sule, Thamine and Tamway. Moreover, the Yangon City Development Committee has opened sales and top-up counters for prepaid cards at the bus stops in front of city hall, Myanmar Plaza, 8 Mile and Parami Nyaungbin. The launch of YPS card system is a new historic milestone and an onset of a long journey, helping the cashless ecosystem of the country. The company will also introduce other prepaid card services.

The YPS cards can be used at the bus line numbers 43,62,72, 87, 88, 89, 96, 12,14,25,30 and 38. The price of each card is K2,000 and the available top-up amount is from K1,000 to K50,000. During the promotion period from 16 July to 15 August, the card will be free of charge for the minimal top-up K5,000. The user needs to touch the card with the bus validator at the front door of the bus, and it must be put on another validator near the exit door to deduct the fee when someone got off the bus. If the user failed to put the card on the exit validator, the fare will also be taken for the previous ride when the card is touched on the front validator. Only one passenger could use the card service each time.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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