CBM announces shift to online gold bar trading, similar to forex market

IT should launch online trading for gold bar transactions just like the online trading of the foreign currency market, said Daw Than Than Swe, governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar during the meeting with the chairman and secretary of the Monitoring and Steering Committee on Gold and Currency Market and departmental officials yesterday.

She also mentioned the need to allow those who hold legal certificates for following the mechanisms of meeting the standard for gold, quality, weight and pricing to participate in online trading to ensure gold price stability.

She then instructed the supervisors to inspect whether the price manipulators make price instability at gold shops, and whether the shops have relevant work licences and other certificates including the legal trading price and payment methods.

The CBM launched online trading programmes in the international currency market on 22 June. It sold US$6.89 million at K2,920/2,922 per dollar to six banks on that day and also announced that the online sale prices were illegal.

Moreover, the CBM reviewed the lists of buyers and sellers of foreign currency submitted by AD-licensed banks and sale listings between the banks and customers and also negotiated with the banks regarding the exchange rate and amounts.

Then, the attendees reported on the proper situation concerning the online trading of CBM for real estate agents and car brokers in addition to the foreign currency and gold market to make official transactions by laying down rules and regulations and the plans to inspect as per the Anti-Corruption Law.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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