Commerce ministry in Myanmar says corn exports “very promising”

Commerce ministry in Myanmar says corn exports “very promising ...

While overseas demand for some Myanmar commodities has fallen short of forecasts this year due to COVID-19, exports of several locally produced crops have nevertheless risen and some even look promising.Myanmar corn is usually exported to China but demand from Thailand has raisen since the start of the 2019-20 fiscal year. According to the Minstry of Commerce, more than 60 percent of this year’s corn exports went to Thailand via the Tachileik and Myawaddy border towns.

The other Myanmar crop for which overseas demand has been promising is the avocado. According to the Myanmar Avocado Producer and Exporter Association, interest from Singapore and China on Hass avocados grown and harvested in Myanmar has been increasing. Hass avocados are the most commonly grown avocado variety in the world. Its fruit has high oil content and a nutty, rich taste. Its flesh is smooth textured and it has a thick skin casing.

In fact, Myanmar only started harvesting Hass avocados two years ago. as volumes are still low and due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, exports have yet to commerce. But demand is already growing. This year’s avocado cultivation has been successful and China has recently offered to import 500 tonnes per year. Singapore also wants 15 tonnes per week. There is a potential to break into the international market due to high interest from China, Singapore,Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Source: Myanmar Times

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