Myawady border trade route recovers amidst soaring foodstuffs prices

The Myawady border trade route has been recovered to travel normal traffic including trucks by the end of August due to the ungently repairing of concerned officials but the price of most imported foodstuffs is still rising in the Yangon market.
Daw Lay Ni, a housewife in Sangyoung township, told GNLM that the imported foodstuffs prices are rising again instead of coming back down in the final days of the September first week.
The price of locally produced coffee which was bought at K100 in the retail market before 2022 has risen to K300. The instant coffee sachet (18 grammes) made in Thailand was priced at K300 starting from the end of August from at K250 in the August third week.
Similarly, a Cereal sachet (30g) is also risen to K350 and the price of an instant Cereal sachet (20g) is increased from K500 to K600. A Cereal big package, a domestic product, including 20 small sachet (30g) is increased to K6,200 from K4,700 before the Thingyan Festival period.
Not only the price of foodstuffs in the imported items has been increased in the market for the reason of transportation issues but also the price of domestic foodstuffs has risen. Consumers said that transportation has returned to normal right now but the prices of foodstuffs and related items have not come down.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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