Myanmar-Korea Friendship Bridge (Dala) Project 20 per cent completed

The Myanmar-Korea Friendship Bridge (Dala), which crosses the Yangon River and will link Lanmadaw Township to Dala Township in Yangon Region, is under construction, and about 20 per cent of all the construction works have been completed, according to the bridge construction project committee’s office. Construction works are underway to build a high-quality bridge in line with Korea’s quality control in construction. Moreover, they are making efforts to ensure the safety of the workers involved in the construction project. They look forward to the completion of the bridge by October 2022.

The first section of the Myanmar-Korea Friendship Bridge (Dala) Project in Dala Township has been carried out by Myat Noe Thu Construction Company. The second section of the project in Lanmadaw Township has been carried out by Shwe Taung Construction Company. Chinese technological company CCEC is carrying out the third section of the project, which involves the construction of the two towers in the middle of the river and a cable suspension bridge, according to the Department of Bridge.

The total length of the Myanmar-Korea Friendship Bridge (Dala) is 6,144 feet. The bridge will have a four-lane road, with each measuring 4m in width. The total expenditure for the bridge is US$157.833 million. The project has been funded by South Korea’s EDCS loan at an interest rate of 0.01 per cent. The main contractor of the project is South Korea’s GS Engineering Group, according to the Department of Bridge. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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