Press release on plans to continue COVID-19 vaccination in Myanmar

  1. The Ministry of Health and Sports is carrying out COVID-19 vaccination with the following aims: –
    (a) to reduce the infection and death rates of COVID-19 in Myanmar;
    (b) to prevent the infection of COVID-19;
    (c) to mitigate the impact of the State economy based on infection of COVID-19.
  2. During the period from 27-1-2021 to 21-7-2021, the health staff and the majority of public service personnel have been injected with the vaccines at full time. According to the Myanmar National Vaccine Deployment Plan drawn in accord with the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the target groups were set for vaccination on the priority.
  3. Furthermore, the following target groups will soonest be vaccinated on the priority depending on the availability of the vaccines for meeting the above-mentioned aims: –
    (a) the people above 65 years old;
    (b) health personnel and private health staff who are yet to receive the vaccination despite serving the duties of prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 at frontlines;
    (c) volunteers who have not received vaccines while serving the prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19;
    (d) older people from the Homes for the Aged;
    (e) religious personnel, monks and nuns;
    (f) people’s service personnel who have not been injected vaccines;
    (g) private banking staff;
    (h) employees from private factories and industries;
    (i) staff from hotels/motels/lodges;
    (j) prisoners and inmates from jails;
    (k) personnel from private transport services (inland, aviation and marine transport);
    (l) workers from supermarkets/markets;
    The soonest vaccination will be given to those from the remaining target groups depending on the arrivals of the vaccines.
  4. Those who will not be vaccinated at present are: –
    (a) those who have been vaccinated a kind of COVID-19 vaccines including COVIDSHIELD for two times;
    (b) those currently suffering from fever and symptoms of COVID-19;
    (c) the COVID-19 confirmed patients who are yet to meet six months from the laboratory test approval to the vaccinated day;
  5. With regard to the incomings of vaccines and vaccination plans, a total of three million doses of vaccine arrived in Myanmar in July 2021. Three more million doses will arrive in coming August 2021. The already arrived vaccines
    will be injected into the people as quickly as possible.
  6. The already arrived vaccines have been approved by the World Health Organization, and they are potent, safe and quality ones.
  7. As everybody accepts vaccines for set times, better coverage of vaccines among the people will emerge the following benefits: –
    (a) the vaccines can cut off the chains of disease infection among the people and effective mitigation of bad consequences for the people to be warded, suffering from severe impacts of the disease and death rate of the disease;
    (b) when the number of infected patients among the people declines, requirements of beds at the hospitals, needs of oxygen and over workloads of health staff can be reduced; and qualified healthcare services can be given to the patients while the infection of disease can be placed under control in a short time;
  8. The people are requested not to believe misinformation and rumours about vaccines; and as the vaccine is the best for themselves and their families, the people are urged to systematically participate in the vaccination programme.
  9. The Ministry of Health and Sports requested retired medical professionals, medical staff, private health staff, students from medical-related universities, those from nursing and midwifery training schools and retired members of the Defence Services Medical Corps to participate in the vaccination programmes in order to fulfil human resources needed in the vaccination programmes and to have higher coverage of vaccination in a short period of time.

Ministry of Health and Sports

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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