Ministry of Electricity and Energy

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3rd Waxing of Kason 1383 ME

13 May 2021

  1. The Ministry of Electricity and Energy conducts power-generating services, supply and maintenance work daily to provide stable and reliable energy to the public. It keeps making efforts to offer the best services.
  2. In order to supply power to the public sufficiently, the electricity is generated from the state-owned power plants in addition to the privately-run power plants.
  3. The revenue from the electricity fees of people is used to generate stable and reliable electricity from the state owned power stations and purchase from the private power stations.
  4. Therefore, people should pay the power bills before the monthly fixed bill payment deadline. The payment can be made online or through mobile banking. According to the Electricity Law, there will be no power cuts for those who do not pay after the deadline.
    Ministry of Electricity and Energy

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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