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All domestic passengers will no longer need the COVID-19 test but will have to comply with other health standards

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health and Sports, all domestic passengers will no longer need the COVID-19 test and will have to comply with other health standards. According to the statement, passengers on domestic flights can apply for tickets at local ticket offices or at local ticket offices. You will be able to purchase regular flights without having to endorse online or in accordance with the health standards. Passengers may be exposed to suspected COVID-19 fever.

Whooping cough, sudden loss of odor, only those who are free of all symptoms and conditions, such as contact with an infected person within two weeks, will be allowed to go on a scheduled trip. Passengers are required to abide by local orders when the aircraft arrives in their respective cities. The COVID-19 medical check-up for passengers on rescue trips and domestic flights of state-owned Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) and International Myanmar Airlines (MAI) will be available at Yangon Airport Cargo Warehouse and N Health Laboratory, according to the airline.

Rescue flights operated by Myanmar National Airlines such as Bangkok. The COVID-19 medical examination for passengers on Singapore and domestic flights will start on 10 February in Yangon, Myanmar, near Sule Pagoda N Health Laboratory and Yangon International Airport; Inspections will be held at Cargo Warehouse on Pyay Road from 9 am to 11 am. For international passengers on domestic and international rescue flights of Myanmar International Airlines MAI and Air KBZ, Airport Cargo Warehouse on Pyay Road will be opened from 10 February. The RDT test for domestic trips will be available at N Health Laboratory and Tourist Burma Building.

Source: Daily Eleven

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