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Foreign tourist shopping revenue in Myanmar was $ 197.331 million in 2019, down 81 percent from COVID-19 this year

Revenue from shopping for foreign tourists visiting Myanmar fell from US $ 197.331 million in 2019 (January to December) to US $ 38.021 million by 2020, or an estimated 81%. Other related revenue from foreign visitor spending was $ 281.875 million in 2019 (January-December), down from an estimated $ 54.315 million in 2020 (estimated from January to December). As a result, revenue from tourism and related industries for the year was US $ 2,818.753 million in 2019, down from US $ 543.154 million in 2020, down 81 percentage points from US $ 2,275.599 million.

The suspension of international passenger flights at Rangoon International Airport will reduce international airline revenue by 81% by 2020, according to the COVID-19 survey on the impact on Myanmar’s tourism industry. The Yangon International Airport (YACL) Company, which provides management services, said it was working to reduce rents and reduce staff salaries due to the closure of all shops at Terminal 1 in Yangon International Airport, according to YACL. The number of passengers at the Yangon International Airport has been declining since mid-February due to the suspension of international passenger flights until December 31. Due to the suspension of the tourism sector, the airlines inside the airport, Food industry; This has affected the regular operation of freight and retail outlets.

International flights have been suspended since March 30, and some domestic airlines have suspended flights, resulting in fewer passengers and airport arrivals. Shops and restaurants at Departure Terminal 1 were completely closed, severely affecting Yangon Airport and airports around the world. They are facing an unprecedented challenge for the airline industry. As the airport business resumes, operations will resume. Action plans will be implemented that meet the requirements of the public health plan and international standards. The transformation of the current YIA will be at least for a period of time as a new normal airline.

Source: Daily Eleven

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