Tamu highway bus terminal construction completed

The construction of highway bus terminal in Tamu town, Sagaing Region, which is a gateway to Myanmar-India cross-border trading, is completed, said U Myo Min Tun, Executive Officer of Tamu Township Development Committee. There was no highway bus terminal in Tamu. It is self-provided building in cooperation with the relevant organizations and the local people. The construction is completed.

The operation is expected to start in the coming open season. The highway bus terminal is constructed on 5 acres of land near the roadside of Tamu-Nanphalon market. It includes two-storey buildings for gates, warehouses, 20 food stalls and 120 stores. Sagaing Region government is implementing bus terminals to facilitate public transport and trade flow. There is a plan to construct more bus terminals in Monywa, Indaw, Katha, Kalay and Tamu.

There are ten operators running air-conditioned highway bus for Tamu-Monywa, Tamu-Mandalay and Tamu-Yangon routes. And, 12 operators are proving service for cross-border transport. The terminal is situated not far from town, market and border checkpoint. As there are vacant land areas, more buildings or gates can be built later. This terminal project started in June 2018 under the approval of Sagaing Region government and Township Development Committee and other relevant organizations, to facilitate the trading and transport of the local people. 

Source- The Global New light of Myanmar

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