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Japan wants to join Myanmar-Thai government-level committees for development of Dawei SEZ project

Japan wants to be part of the Myanmar-Thai government-level committees for the development of the Dawei SEZ project, and has received official proposals from the Myanmar and Thai governments, said Deputy Minister for Power and Energy Dr Tun Naing, chairman of the Dawei SEZ management committee. The Deputy Minister made the remarks at the Myanmar-Japan-Thailand Tripartite Working Level Meeting on November 5 at the Dawei SEZ Management Committee.

Japan wants to join the Joint High Level Committee (JHC) and has received official proposals from the Myanmar and Thai governments. He welcomed the opinion polls of the relevant governments and said Myanmar would respond positively. Dr Tun Naing, Deputy Minister for Electricity and Energy of the Dawei Special Economic Zone Management Committee, said that the necessary steps for the three countries to work together as soon as possible for the success of the Dawei SEZ are to be completed as soon as possible.

International investors will be invited for the Dawei SEZ projects, and those interested in investing in the Dawei SEZ projects during COVID-19 are conducting in-person and online discussions. Once the Dawei SEZ project is launched, the Italian-Thai company and future investors will have to comply with international standards for environmental compensation and relocation of those affected by the project. The Dawei SEZ Management Committee will send a letter to the Italian-Thai company to start the project as soon as it receives the evidence that it will be responsible for the capital and specific operational requirements for the Dawei SEZ project.

Source: Daily Eleven

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