Due to the current situation, both manufacturing and new orders in Myanmar’s manufacturing sector fell fivefold in April, according to the PMI

Due to the current situation, both production and new orders in Myanmar’s manufacturing sector fell fivefold in April, according to the IHS Markit Myanmar Manufacturing PMI released on May 3 The April PMI data show that manufacturing conditions across Myanmar are declining sharply, with many businesses continuing to close due to the current situation.

Purchasing Manager’Index (PMI) New orders Workplace Five indicators are calculated: suppliers’ delivery time and stockpiles. Of the five PMI segments in Myanmar (excluding supply delays), the other four fell, according to the survey. Both products and inventories fell by a record five times faster in survey history, while inventories and jobs fell three to four times faster, respectively. Key IHS Markit Myanmar Manufacturing PMI: The only integrated index that shows manufacturing productivity, rising from 27.5 in March last year to 33 in April, indicates an eight-month decline in operating conditions in Myanmar’s manufacturing sector.

Expectations for the next 12 months, meanwhile, fell further in April. Looking to the future, big companies generally expect product growth to increase in April 2022, but overall their expectations are the weakest in more than two years. In April, large companies’ production fell about 60 percent from March. Shortage of raw materials; The combination of poor exchange rates and rising transportation costs Imports have hit record highs since November. Sales prices rose modestly in April as weak demand made it difficult for large companies to pass on cost burdens. The survey is based on original data collected from industry by IHS Markit and sponsored by Japan-based Nikkei Media Group.

Source: Daily Eleven

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