MGMA’s dedicated commitment to further enhance Myanmar’s garment sector

Following H&M Group phasing out outsourcing from Myanmar, the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) will accelerate its effort to keep improving Myanmar’s garment sector, as per the MGMA’s statement on its commitment released on 25 August.
Reuters reported on 17 August that H&M Group decided to cut ties with Myanmar suppliers.
The MGMA was disheartened to see this unexpected news as it will bring negative impacts on the livelihood of the employees and pose a higher risk of layoffs amid the challenging economic climate. Since its establishment in 2002, the MGMA has been joining hands with all the stakeholders in the industry, development agencies, international partners and valuable brands to enhance the working environment of Myanmar garment factories.
The MGMA has implemented the Voluntary Labour Compliance Assessment (VLCA) from February 2020 to evaluate the compliance of the factories in line with the national labour laws and international labour standards. To beef up the assessments and expand enrolment, the online version was launched in November 2022. More than 220 factories have accomplished the assessment so far and over 100 are still under scrutiny.
Furthermore, the MGMA is discussing constructive engagements and cooperation with the stakeholders concerned in the industry to address the livelihood and labour issues of the workers.
Additionally, the MGMA is encouraging to deepen the ties between the international garment brands and local factories and foreign-owned factories established in the country. The MGMA has experienced negative impacts from the similar withdrawals of the multinational companies in early 2000. The MGMA clearly said in the statement that it strongly believed the responsible presence of international brands in the country is the best way to improve the labour market conditions and safeguard the dignified livelihood of a hundred thousand young women employees. The responsible partnership will contribute to the improvement of the working conditions in progress, as per the statement.
Thus, MGMA is willing to work together with international brands and partners to carry out responsible businesses in Myanmar and commit to keep improving the situation of Myanmar’s garment sector. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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