Household service providers in Myanmar among latest COVID-19 casualties

Providers of housekeeping and home maintenance services are among the latest casualties of the second wave of COVID-19 in Myanmar. Many have suspended their businesses in view of the spread of the virus in the past month. Demand for housemaids, cleaners, and other household service providers has collapsed and these businesses have also been suspended to protect their workers from becoming infected, a local startup providing household services.

Besides water pipe maintenance, AC and electrical servicing, all other services have been suspended. As our workers cannot work from home, our businesses will stop until the end of this year. Even if the disease is controlled and businesses in the industry restart, it will take six to seven months for maid and cleaning services to return to normal.

MyanAnts had resumed business as a usual in May, after the first wave of COVID-19 but is now closed again. Household services, which mainly include part-time housework and cleaning services became popular in 2017 and demand had reached a peak in early 2020, before the pandemic.

Source: Myanmar Times

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