Myanmar-China negotiate to increase the number of export vehicles and to be exported systematically

The coordination meeting of the Myanmar-China Commodity Reversal Working Committee was held at 9:30 am on March 22 to increase the number of vehicles carrying goods through the Kanpokti border gate in Kachin State and to systematically export vehicles.

At the meeting, Chairman of the Working Committee U Myo Swe, State Minister for Economy, urged the members of the State Committee and Working Committee to monitor and control the export of goods to China, despite the resumption of border trade due to efforts to normalize the flow of goods along the Myanmar-China border.

Then, the Vice-Chairman of the Working Committee, the Minister for Ethnic Affairs U Kyaw Min Khaing and state level officials, border trade post officials, State Freight Forwarders Association and Crop Producers’ Association officials spoke about the recent export situation. The Kovis-19 test is being carried out for the goods, including the driver and the driver of the truck, as agreed between the two countries. They also discussed the need to coordinate the timely export of agricultural products, including bananas, and to increase the number of vehicles, and the measures to control the loading and unloading of vehicles in a systematic manner.

Source: Daily Eleven

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