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Official motorcycle importers face difficulties due to announcement of temporary suspension of motorcycle import from border areas

Currently, motorcycle importers are facing difficulties due to the announcement of the temporary suspension of the import of official motorcycles through the Myawaddy border. The Ministry of Commerce has sent a letter of notification to Myawaddy border traders on May 8 and is inspecting motorcycle showrooms.

The statement said that the import of motorcycles, including the ITC Card, would be suspended from May 8, 2021, until further notice. Currently, there are no losses, but the work has stopped. When businesses stop, there are job losses. Some of them are buying in advance, and most traders are losing money when the import ban on foodstuffs, including soft drinks, has recently been suspended from the border.

Thailand Vietnam Motorcycles made in Laos are officially imported by motorcycle dealers, as well as from Thailand and Vietnam. Japanese used motorcycles were also imported by private entrepreneurs.  The sudden ban on motorcycle imports has hurt Myawaddy border businesses and local motorcycle dealers. Motorcycles imported from Myawaddy border; Border traders warn that the suspension of official imports of soft drinks and four foodstuffs could reduce trade volume significantly.

Source: Daily Eleven

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