The Kawthoung-Ranong border reopened on 1 June

The Kawthoung-Ranong border post reopened on 1 June after more than two years of closure. Myanmar and Thailand have agreed to allow the people from the two countries to stay two-night three days with a border pass in Ranong, a town in southern Thailand.

Holders of PV passports, those who are going to study in Thailand, and those who have had a three-month visa from the Thai Embassy in Yangon are now able to go to Thailand through Kawthoung. As a travel expense, THB 500 for a boat fare from Kawthoung to Ranong, K300 for a stamp in Myanmar and THB150 for Thailand.

Passport holders will not be required to pay THB2,000 as the deposit, while those who will visit Thailand for seven or 15 days will be required to pay the deposit and they will be able to withdraw it when they arrive back in Kawthoung, according to Ma Win Yi, a Ranong resident. On 24 May 222 Myanmar workers were sent to Thailand under the MoU system through the Kawthoung-Ranong border.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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