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In this photograph taken on September 29, 2015, Pakistani commuters wait to travel through a newly built tunnel in northern Pakistan's Gojal Valley.  A glossy highway and hundreds of lorries transporting Chinese workers by the thousands: the new Silk Road is under construction in northern Pakistan, but locals living on the border are yet to be convinced they will receive more from it than dust.    AFP PHOTO / Aamir QURESHI

Total border trade value exceeds $7.4 bln

The total land border trade value at 18 trade camps exceeded US$7.4 billion till 18 June 2021, according to the Ministry of Commerce. From 1 October to 18 June of the 2020-21FY, the total border trade value amounted to $7.434 billion, down $806 million compared with the same period last year.

The country conducts border trade with neighbouring China through Muse, Lwejel, Kampaiti, Chinshwehaw and Kengtung, with Thailand via Tachilek, Myawady, Kawthoung, Myeik, Hteekhee, Mawtaung and Meisei land border crossings, with Bangladesh via Sittway and Maungtaw, and with India through Tamu and Reed land border checkpoints, respectively.

Muse trade camp in Myanmar-China border reached $3.75 billion, down over $616 million with the same period last year. Myanmar’s major export items are farm, animal, marine, forest, mining, CMP and other products. The country mainly imports capital goods, industrial raw materials, personal goods and CMP raw materials. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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