Covid restrictions to be eased for travellers to Myanmar via int’l flights

The rules and regulations for COVID-19 will be relaxed for travellers to Myanmar via international flights starting from 1 December, according to the Ministry of Health.
The local infection rate has declined and the positivity rate has reached below one per cent for 14 consecutive days, it is learnt.
Before, the travellers were required to show COVID-19 vaccination record cards as proof of being fully vaccinated or the RT-PCR negative test results within 48 hours. And then they would have to take the RDT test at the airport.
Now, the restrictions to take tests with RDT will be relaxed for travellers to Myanmar starting from the morning of 1 December, according to the announcement of the Health Ministry.
The details will be published in “Public Health Requirements for Travellers who Wish to Enter Myanmar through International Commercial Flights” on 1 December.
In addition, the public health requirements for travellers by relief flights and travellers via land borders will remain the same as the requirements were released on 8 October 2022, it is learnt.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar