Myanmar exports $1.43 bln worth of natural gas to China in 2022

Myanmar’s natural gas export to China pocketed US$1.43 billion in 2022. Myanmar is listed among China’s largest gas importers. It ranked third after Turkmenistan and Russia. Natural gas extracted from the Shwe natural gas field located offshore from Rakhine State is exported to China through the cross-border Myanmar-China gas pipeline.

Approximately 12 billion cubic meters of natural gas are yearly exported to China through that pipe which was constructed with an estimated cost of $1 billion. The pipeline connects Rakhine, Magway, Mandalay, and Shan State to Yunnan Province, China. Furthermore, a 771-kilometre-long crude oil pipeline was constructed with the use of $1.5 billion.

It was designated to send 22 million tonnes of crude oil per year. South-East Asia Gas Pipeline Company Limited (SEAGP) is responsible for the operation of the Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline, while South East Asia Crude Oil Pipeline Company is in charge of the crude oil pipeline. Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) owns 7.36 per cent of shares in the gas pipeline project, whereas it holds 49.1 per cent of shares in crude oil pipeline projects.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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Myanmar’s fruit trucks delayed amid China’s border trade system being advanced

Traders based at the China-Myanmar border said that since China is adjusting the level 2 for border trade, it has not reached the fruit sales field from Myanmar yet. According to a border-based trader, the customs system is also being updated on the Chinese side, and it is not yet known what will happen in the new system.

Trade is expected to improve after the Chinese New Year period, but prices have fallen slightly as fruits from Viet Nam and Laos have started entering the Chinese market, according to border reports. The 855 melons are priced at 3.6 yuan per kilogramme, Tangwan fruit is 3.6 yuan, and sweet melons are priced at 5 yuan per kilogramme. On 1 February 2023, 54 cars entered the Chinese fruit market.

China is starting to install a new system for border trade, and traders say it is still unclear what will happen. When the Chinese market just opened, melons and cucumbers from Myanmar fetched good prices, but after the price dropped due to the export of low-quality fruits, they are hoping to get good prices again after the New Year period. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

epa07799064 A general view shows trucks loaded containers at Asia World shipping container terminal in Yangon, Myanmar, 28 August 2019. According to figure by Myanmar Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar's total trade with foreign countries reached over 30.593 billion USD as of 16 August 2019 in present fiscal year (from 01 October 2018 to 31 September 2019), of which the export reached 14.69 billion USD while the import was 15.903 billion USD. In 2017-2018 October to September fiscal year, the total trade was 35.895 billion USD and the trade balance had a deficit of 3 billion USD. The most important exports in Myanmar are manufactured products whereas the non-electric machinery and transport equipment are the major products of imports.  EPA-EFE/LYNN BO BO

51 cargo ships slated to arrive at Yangon Port this month

A total of 51 cargo ships carrying many containers are scheduled to enter Yangon Port in February 2023, according to Myanmar Port Authority. This month, nine cargo ships run by New Golden Sea (COSCO), another nine by Sealand Maersk Asia, four by MSC Line, three each by PIL Line, R.C.L Line, Samudra Shipping Line, SITC and TI2 Container Line, two each by BLPL Shipping Line, Ever Green Line, X-Press Feeder and RCL Line and one each by Bay Line, CMA CGM Line, Gold Star Line, IAL Line, Land & Sea and MTT Shipping  Line will enter Yangon Port.

Yangon Port saw the entry of 52 cargo ships in January 2023. Yangon Port handled a total of 620 cargo ships this year, according to Myanmar Port Authority. The number of cargo ships entering Yangon Port stands at 49 in January, 48 in February, 50 in March, 52 in April, 54 in May, 53 in June, 49 in July, 55 each in August and September, 50 in October, 51 in November and 54 in December 2022 respectively. From May 2021, the arrival of ships at terminals in Yangon has increased again.

To fulfil the seaborne trade requirements, three new cargo ships by Maersk Line Myanmar (Sea Land Maersk) started to run in 2021. Myanmar Port Authorities and Yangon inner terminals are providing services to ensure the fast and reliable cargo handling and withdrawal of the containers. Earlier, the larger ships had draft problems preventing their sailing on the Yangon River. The draft extension is up to 10 meters with the new navigation channel accessing the inner Yangon River and the international ocean liners can access the inner port at present.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar