As of 2 November, 7.39 million people have received two full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine

As of November 2, 7.39 million people have received two full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Myanmar, according to the Ministry of Health. As of November 2, 7399,986 people (7.39 million) had received two full doses of the vaccine; 6084977 people (6.08 million) completed one planting; According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 13484963 people (13.48 million) have been vaccinated and more than 20 million have been vaccinated.

As of October 23, two million COVISHIELDs purchased by the Ministry of Health have been delivered. Sinopharm 20 million; Two million Sinovac has already reached a total of 24 million. More than eight million COVID-19 vaccines have been donated by India and Russia. Vaccines have been reduced to 10 years from the previous COVID-19 vaccine for those over 55 years of age, and those over 45 will be vaccinated from October 17. Target groups have been expanded to include the COVID-19 vaccine since September 14. 

People with disabilities Members and family members of ethnic armed groups. People from migrant groups and temporary camps; It is being given to people with chronic and non-communicable diseases and is currently being extended to those over 45 years of age. The COVID-19 vaccine has been available in Myanmar since January 2021. People should receive the full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine they received. The Ministry of Health urges those who have received the first dose to visit the nearest immunization regimen on or near the scheduled date of the second immunization and actively participate in the immunization and immunization activities.

Source: Daily Eleven

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