To prevent and control the infection of COVID-19, a public holiday is declared from July 17 to July 25

The State Administration Council issued Notification No. (211/2021) on (July 14) as a long public holiday from July 17 to July 25, 2021. The statement said the State Administration Council should work to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus. July 20 and July 22 are considered as two public holidays, which are related to public holidays for control treatment.

In addition, on July 17, 2021, July 18 and July 19 (Saturday, Sunday and Martyrs’ Day) and July 21 is Eid al-Adha (Kurbani Eid). July 24 and July 25 (public holidays of Waso and Saturday and Sunday) are public holidays, the statement said. Therefore, COVID-19 infection can be effectively prevented and treated. Control The State Administration Council has declared between 20 July and 22 July as public holidays for treatment, and the State Administration Council has declared in accordance with Section 25 of the Contracts Act, which can be transferred from July 17 to July 25 as a long public holiday.

During the holidays, for effective prevention of the spread of COVID-19, the public should live in their own homes or dormitories and not travel except for duties and funerals, only shops selling meat, fish and basic foodstuffs and drinking water should be opened, to continue to provide health care services for restaurants to sell medicine and medical equipment by parcel system only, government hospitals, private hospitals and clinics; if you have to leave your home, necessary preventive measures, including nasal masks, must be worn and failure to strictly comply with the terms and conditions issued by COVID-19 will result in disciplinary action in accordance with existing laws.

Source: Daily Eleven

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