Import of Oxygen Concentrators will be reduced by 5% commercial tax, import by air and sea will be allowed with SO and will be done as soon as possible from the border

Import of Oxygen Concentrators will be reduced by 5% commercial tax. According to the Ministry of Commerce, air imports will be allowed with SO and the border will be imported as soon as possible. Import of COVID-19 Preventive Drugs and Related Products Airlines The Ministry of Economy and Trade is coordinating with the line ministries to ensure the smooth import of medicines through the border routes, and medicines and related items are entering the country on a daily basis. Disposable mouthwash The FDA does not require non-medical use of nasal masks. The import of oxygen concentrators will be reduced by 5% (CT). 

Import by air will be allowed by SO. Imports from the border will be processed as soon as possible. Liquid Oxygen will be allowed to be imported from the border in accordance with the temporary import procedures of the Customs Procedures if the vehicles carrying Liquid Oxygen are imported with Rigid Body. Electricity approval will be required for the construction of Oxygen Plan. If it is built within an industrial zone, it will need an industrial zone approval. Companies wishing to import other vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine, must submit a seven-point application to the FDA.

The COVID-19 vaccine storage and distribution plan must also be submitted. The Risk Communication Management Plan must be submitted in advance regarding the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. On July 12, 2021, the application for the Face Mask, Oxygen tank The import of oxygen machines was allowed as soon as possible. COVID-19 Prevention and Control Drugs; The Ministry of Commerce has announced that medical equipment and liquid oxygen will be allowed to be imported for three months without having to apply for an import license from July 12.

Currently, COVID-19 is spreading rapidly as a third wave, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced that all import and export licenses of COVID-19 immunization drugs and medicines must be applied for by July 12, 2021 to support the COVID-19 treatment process. On July 12, 27,200 kilograms of masks were imported at the Myawaddy border trade. 200 liters of oxygen, 200 liters; 25 pairs of Oxygen Concentrator (10 L); It was allowed to be imported immediately after the same day. Today, all applications are being granted immediately, and the Commerce / Commerce Department will announce the import of all Kovis accessories at 4 pm daily. There is no waiting because you are not allowed to import. Officials say it is not closed.

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