Swiss food giant Nestle will close its factory and headquarters in Myanmar

The Swiss food manufacturer Nestlé will stop all production in Myanmar, a spokesperson said on February 27, AFP news agency reported. Due to the current economic situation, the Nestle factory and headquarters in Yangon, the center of commerce, will stop operations, a spokesman told AFP, but did not say when the operations would stop.

Nestle has launched Nescafe, an instant coffee in Myanmar. Maggi Noodles; Milo chocolate powder is also being sold. Instead of Nestle, a Burmese company will sell Nestle products to Thailand. 

Malaysia The spokesperson said that it will be marketed and distributed through the Philippines. “We will do everything we can to support those affected by this decision,” the spokesman said. Nestle has 138 employees at its Myanmar factory and headquarters, the spokesperson said.     

Source: Daily Eleven

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