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Exports outperform import in Mawtaung border trade amid COVID third wave

Exports surpassed imports through the Mawtaung land border between Myanmar and Thailand amidst the third wave of the coronavirus in Thailand that shares a border with Myanmar’s Taninthayi Region, said an official from the Mawtaung border checkpoint. Myanmar yearly exports fishery products to Thailand through the Mawtaung land border of the Taninthayi Region.

In contrast, building materials and consumer goods are imported by Thailand. The border trade went back to normal. Myanmar commonly sends squid and other fishery products, ginger and agro-products. Meanwhile, consumer goods and construction materials are flowing into the country from Thailand. Yet, exports surpassed imports in the Mawtaung border, said an official in charge of Mawtaung post.

Regardless of the third wave of the COVID-19, trade returned to normal. Myanmar shipped over US$8 million worth of goods to Thailand in seven months (Oct-April) of the current financial year 2020-2021 via Mawtaung border and carried out $1.5 million worth of imports, the Mawtaung border post’s data showed. Mawtaung is about 123 miles away from Myeik city, Taninthayi Region. Despite its positive potentials in border trade, the crossing is not available for all seasons. Thailand considers it just as a special temporary post. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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