Myawady-Mae Sot Friendship Bridge I reopens after three-year hiatus

Operations were resumed at the Myawady-Mae Sot Friendship Br-idge I on 12 January 2023 after nearly three years of closure, and authorities from Thailand and Myanmar formally reopened the bridge at 8:30 am yesterday. Officials concerned held a meeting regarding the resumption of the bridge activity at Tak Province in recent days. After a series of negotiations, operations on the bridge were reinstated on 12 January.

Therefore, people can enter the Mae Sot side by passing that bridge with the border pass as before. For a border pass document, Myawady residents can apply for it by presenting a citizenship scrutiny card, household registration and three pictures of the licence-sized photo. Licenced private cars are entitled to go over the bridge and the passengers need to present COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

Furthermore, border crossings with passports are also allowed and Myanmar migrant workers can also return home via the bridge as before. That bridge is the major border trading route between Myanmar and Thailand. The border crossing ceased amid COVID-19 cases on 23 March 2020. The border trade activity is therefore being carried out at Bridge II. Efforts were made to reopen the bridge. However, it has been closed down for nearly three years amid coronavirus infections in both countries. It is restarted at present. After reopening the bridge, it will bring about job opportunities for residents and freight forwarders.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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