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Onion cultivation acres may drop in next cultivation season because of plunging onion price: Onion traders

According to the estimation of the onion traders, the acres of onion plantations are expected to drop down in the next cultivation season because of the plunging onion price this year.The onions are primarily grown in Myittha, Myingyan and Natogyi townships in the Mandalay region. Earlier, the onion seeds fetched K40,000, but the growers bought and planted the seeds until they run out.

But this year, the seeds of onion fetched K30,000 and there is no buyer. Some of the farmers are still growing the onion. But in this situation, there will be only a few growers of onion. Now, the onion seeds are selling for K30,000, but there is no buyer. The farmers could not afford to buy the seeds, and they are not planting the onion yet. But they will grow the onion this year, I think.

But this year, the growers will not get a good price despite the high yield. However, the onion production has improved to 3,500 visses per acre from 2,500 visses per acre, according to the onion growers. In the first week of May last year, the onion price was K500 per viss. But this year, the price of the onion is only K250 per viss. This year, the farmers suffer losses because of high yield and no export to foreign countries. 

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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