The Myawaddy-Mae Sot Friendship Bridge No. 1 on the Myanmar-Thailand border, which was closed for almost two years due to COVID-19 disease, will open in early 2022

The Myawaddy-Mae Sot Friendship Bridge No. 1 on the Myanmar-Thailand border, which was closed for almost two years due to COVID-19 disease, will be reopened in early 2022. Mae Sot-Myawaddy on the Thai-Myanmar border from January 1, 2022; Chiang Mai – Tachileik The Ranong-Kawthaung border will be reopened with the Travel Bubble, according to the report. Chiang Mai, which connects Burma, including the Myawaddy-Mae Sot Friendship Bridge on the Myanmar-Thailand border; Foreign tourists will be allowed to visit Chiang Mai, Ranong and 43 districts.

The first wave of COVID-19 on the Myawaddy-Mae Sot Friendship Bridge No. 1 on the Myanmar-Thailand border; It has been closed since March 2020 due to the rapid spread of Corona virus. Friendship Bridge No. 1, which was closed to tourists for almost two years, will be reopened on June 1, 2022. It is good news. Moe Kyo, chairman of the Joint Action Committee for Myanmar Citizens (JACBA), said the socio-economic situation would improve.

The Friendship Bridge No. 1 in Htein Myanmar has been closed since March 2020 during COVID first wave. Starting from January 1, 2022, border gates, the bridges of friendship will be reopened. It is good news that the bridge will be reopened as everything will be fine. On January 1, 2022, five districts including Bangkok, Chonburi, Fitburi, Pakyut Sirikhan, Chiang Mai, will be reopened, and another 21 districts will open on January 15. It will also allow tourists to travel through 13 border crossings with Thailand and a total of 43 provinces. According to reports from Mae Sot, Thailand’s latest statement is likely to change over time due to COVID disease.

Source: Daily Eleven


Myanmar’s foreign trade declines by $6.98 bln this FY

Myanmar’s foreign trade was worth US$26.11 billion as of 20 August in the current financial year 2020-21, declining by nearly $7 billion when compared to the same period that of last FY, according to the Ministry of Commerce. The foreign trade value was $ 26.11 billion from 1 October to 20 August while the previous budget year saw $33.1 billion in the same period. Thus, there was a decline of $6.98 billion.

As Myanmar’s foreign trade was 33.1 billion in the last FY, export decreased by 18%, and imports decreased by 25% and trade volume decreased by 22%. During the past ten months, Myanmar’s export was worth over $13.03 billion whereas the country’s import was relatively low at $13.08 billion. In the first eight months of this FY, China topped the list of the 10 countries to which Myanmar exported goods most.

Myanmar exported goods worth US$3,985.06 million to China, US$2,091.81 million to Thailand, US$673.87 million to Japan, US$485.50 million to India, US$434.67 million to the US, US$261.71 million to Germany, US$245.75 million to the UK, US$233.48 million to Spain, US$203.72 million to the Netherlands and US$198.29 million to South Korea, according to the data from the Commerce Ministry. Myanmar exports agricultural products, animal products, minerals, forest products, and finished industrial goods, while it imports capital goods, raw industrial materials, and consumer goods.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar