Central Bank of Myanmar
Notification No 27/2022

7th Waxing of Kason 1384 ME
6 May 2022

  1. Under the Foreign Exchange Management Law, Foreign Exchange Management Regulations, and Notification No 46/2021 dated 10-11-2021 of the Central Bank of Myanmar, exporters must deposit their export earnings to their accounts in foreign currency within three months from the date of shipment of their goods. The holder of a foreign currency trading licence (AD banks) shall inspect whether exporters receive export earnings within three months from the shipment of their goods according to the evidence of actual exports.
  2. All export earnings received from the exports to Asian countries must deposit into the accounts of exporters in foreign currency in Myanmar within 45 days from the date of the shipment while within 90 days for the exports to other countries except for Asian countries. If the exporters fail to do so, they will be taken action under Section 42-a of the Foreign Exchange Management Law.

Than Nyein